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Importance Of Griha Pravesh Puja:

It is usually believed that after you believe Gods, you bought to recognize the existence of ghosts and spirits. most frequently these sprits are thought of to be evil, who usually can wreck mayhem on life and property. the most aim of a griha pravesh or griha shanti puja is to purify your encompassing and home from the evil effects of spirits.


A home is considered one amongst the foremost precious belongings for a personal. usually it becomes an object of people’s jealousy that is considered unhealthy for the general peace of the house. once the host seeks the blessings of Lord Ganesh, he additionally ensures that Ganesh would safeguard his property from every kind of evil individuals and their intensions.


Performing a Griha Pravesh Puja needs many things and every of them incorporates a special significance not solely in faith, however additionally on the surroundings and therefore the shape. generally a yagna is performed to purify the encompassing and a coconut is broken and therefore the water is besprent all round the house. univalve shells are blown and camphor lamps are lit. of these things have a purifying impact on the air water and surroundings of the house.


According to ancient scriptures failing to perform a Griha Pravesh Puja, before getting into a replacement house or not imperishable by the customs will usher in severe unhealthy luck for the family. Once the puja is completed the family ought to reside there for a min of three days and keep the house well lit to make sure that no evil vibration is in a position to enter the house.


Benefits of doing Griha Pravesh Puja


  • Griha Pravesh Puja brings peace, good fortune and harmony within the lifetime of the members staying within the new House.
  • Further, it eliminates and reduces the sick effects of the unhealthy Vastu.
  • The puja is performed to make sure that the person leads a contented and healthy life at the new house.
  • The rituals followed throughout the puja are done so smart luck and prosperity perpetually keep within the house.


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