Namkaran Puja

How to prepare for Naming Ceremony

How to prepare for Naming Ceremony

The ritual should be commemorated on the tenth day after the kid is born. On this particular day, the kid and parents should wear new clothes after taking a shower. Then , the parents should keep the kid on their lap and sit down for the puja. The place where the pooja is being conducted must be adequately cleaned. A Kalash or Urn should be established therein place. Don’t forget to tie a red sacred thread round the urn’s neck and paint the swastika symbol.


However, thanks to the continued Corona Pandemic within the country, it’s advisable to arrange the ceremony for the baby within the normal way as of now without inviting much or no people. Once things gets normal, you’ll seek the blessings of the people by organizing a feast on the primary birth anniversary of the kid.


Mekhla Bandhan

After this, a colourful thread is tied round the child’s waist, which is understood as Mekhla Bandhan. it’s also referred to as Kondhni, Kardhani and Chuta in many places. All the relatives and loved ones attending the ceremony should have good wishes in their hearts for the kid , and will pray for his/her well-being and success.


If all the members of your family live together, then you’ll conduct the Naming Ceremony for your child while following the security guidelines, but if all of them sleep in different places, there’s no need for you to call them over amid the Lockdown period thanks to Coronavirus spread. this will make your new-born child directly susceptible to the deadly disease. Once things becomes normal, you’ll introduce the kid to all members of the family.


The Mekhla Bandhan is tied around the waist in order that the kid are often lively, active and cheerful. These are considered to be the elemental virtues inculcated during a person . The Mekhla is tied around his waist during the Namkaran Sanskar ceremony in order that the kid possesses of these virtues.


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