Namkaran Puja

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Book Pandit Online for Namkaran Puja in Bangalore from Namakarana is the ceremony of naming a baby, and it’s celebrated grandly in order that baby gets all the blessings for a healthy life.

Key Insights:

  • Performed to call the new born baby as per shastras.
  • Name should signify sex, fame, wealth, power.
  • Performed on the 11th day from the day of birth.
  • Mantras are chanted for the baby’s well-being.

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Based on Hindu Dharmashastras, from 16 Sanskars mentioned, Namkaran pooja or Naming Ceremony for the baby is considered the 5th sanskar. All people that are born during this world are called by a name. A baby who is born isn’t named casually. consistent with Hinduism, a baby’s name is kept following certain rituals and beliefs. Namkaran pooja, the baby’s name is specially selected. Astrological assessments also play an important role during this whole process of selecting a reputation for the baby.


Hence, it’s important to conduct the Namkaran Sanskar or Naming Ceremony within the right way. However, such celebrations require a gathering of many people including family, friends and relatives, but since Corona Outbreak has been dominating the planet and holding it in its clutches, any quite social affair is meanwhile a threat to your families and loved ones.


Today, through this text , we are getting to tell you what’s the special significance of organizing the Naming Ceremony of your baby, and what you ought to confine mind while conducting this ceremony amid Corona Times.


Right Time To Commemorate Naming Ceremony

According to Hindu mythological shastras, the Naming Ceremony ritual is commemorated when the kid is precisely ten days old. Usually, during the Naming Ceremony, two names are chosen for a baby, of which one is kept secret because it is understood by the parents of the kid only and not by anyone else. the opposite name is that the prevalent one which is employed for official and social purposes. the key name of the kid is kept consistent with the location of planets and nakshatra within the horoscope of the kid . consistent with astrology, a child’s future and lots of astrological aspects are calculated with the assistance of his “secret” name.


Special Importance of Namkaran Sanskar

Special Importance of Namkaran Sanskar in Hindu Sanatan Dharma. it’s the primary ever Sanskar ritual performed immediately after the birth of the kid . this is often why its importance becomes quite relevant. it’s also extremely significant to chant mantras and do puja during the Namkaran Sanskar because it brings positive changes within the life of the kid . a baby is known as consistent with his kundali and on the idea of the primary letter of his moon sign. A person’s name is linked together with his existence, which is why Namkaran Sanskar holds high importance.


All the mantras chanted during this ritual are considered quite impactful for the event of the kid . it’s an important responsibility of the parents to stay an appropriate name of their child by organising a baby Naming Ceremony. The importance of the ceremony increases when it’s started with the blessings of the Kul Devta. Along side the blessings of goddesses and gods, it becomes precious for the kid to get blessings from the elderly people of the house. This Sanskar also decides the longer term of the kid.

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